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Robert Avellanet, also known as RoBA, is the nephew of well known Puerto Rican bolero and ballad singer Chucho Avellanet. Inspired by his uncle's success across Latin America, Robert wanted to be a singer since childhood. Avellanet himself became a teen idol in Puerto Rico and across the world in 1988 as a member of the international pop sensation MENUDO. He joined the group during the era popularly known as Menudo's Rock era. His debut came when Menudo recorded Sombras & Figuras, the album that produced major hits for the group. Then came Los Ultimos Heroes, which was released in Portuguese as Os Ultimos Herois, and No Me Corten El Pelo. During his tenure at Menudo, Robert shared stage with Ricky Martin, Sergio Blass, Ruben Gomez, Angelo Garcia and Rawy Torres, among others.

Almost immediately after becoming a former Menudo, Robert, with ex-bandmate and personal friend Rawy Torres, formed Euphoria during the early 1990s and recorded two albums. In 1994 Avellanet went to college in Puerto Rico to study Advertising. In 1998, well known tropical music producer and business executive Ralph Mercado signed Robert to record a salsa album under the RMM/Universal label. The album Sentir (1999), produced by master Isidro Infante, had great success in several Latin American countries, most of all in New York and his native island of Puerto Rico. Interpreting this genre expanded his musical knowledge and gave him the opportunity to share stage with legends such as Tito Puente and Celia Cruz.

Searching for new horizons, in 2002 Robert moved to Miami, Florida with the idea of finding new opportunities to expand him as an artist. So he started writing & producing new music and became active as an actor, working for major latino networks like Telemundo and Univisión. Among his projects in Miami are telenovelas like La Viuda De Blanco, Rebeca, Amor Comprado and Valeria. Robert also participated in the independent film Tony Tango and has worked in several theatrical plays, including two musicals; including The Sleeping Beauty, Quien Mató a Hector Lavoe, Descarados and Cuatro xxxx.

In 2003 Avellanet and his former Menudo bandmates (Sergio, Ruben, Angelo and Rawy) were inspired to do a reunion tour called Los Ultimos Heroes. It enjoyed great success across Latin America.

His true passion, motivation, and love for music made him complete the pop/rock album Jet Privado in 2009. Going by the name of RoBA, Jet Privado was his first album as a co-producer and writer of all songs. "Laberinto," "No Te Arrepientas" and "Miserable" were songs that became popular in Latin America and the videos went to the top on the popular Latin network HTV. The album was also produced and written by Frank Santofimio and Andrés Saavedra and included collaborations from songwriters Juan Carlos Pérez Soto, Yhonny Rivero, Ricky Ragnar and Jodi Marr.

Today, Robert Avellanet lives in Los Angeles, California where he's on a new journey, not only as a musician but also as an actor. For more than two years Robert has studied in Hollywood with respected acting coaches Arthur Mendoza and Sal Landi and has worked in two independent films, Harmony and I Remember You. Avellanet, who is signed to the songwrit-ers association BMI, is currently sponsored by the brand Gibson, recently released his first English-language album titled Heart & Soul. Written and co-produced by himself and by Cuban-American Fernando Perdomo, the album mixes genres like soul, funk, jazz, pop and rock, and is now available digitally worldwide under the independent label This Rocks Entertainment. Robert is proud of Heart & Soul, and feels is an uplifting album with a powerful message.